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Spawned Mammoths and Falling Sperm Whales

“Woah.” My boyfriend was playing Skyrim and his character had just emerged from a cave. When the screen refreshed, the game glitched, showing two mammoths spawning from the sky and promptly … Continue reading

April 12, 2017 · Leave a comment

VE: Powers of Ten

Powers of Ten is the famous short film by Charles and Ray Eames. I would be remiss if I did not mention this film, one of the original visual essays. … Continue reading

February 26, 2015 · Leave a comment

The Artist’s Assistant in the New World

Artist Liu Bolin disappears. Watch this Smithsonian video to see a behind-the-scenes montage of how he and his team of assistants make it happen. The Smithsonian captions the video with … Continue reading

July 10, 2013 · 2 Comments

Judge That Book Cover

I was recently telling a quick anecdote about how, as a bookseller, I used to recommend books to customers based on their covers. Now, I know we were all taught … Continue reading

September 4, 2012 · 6 Comments

The Artist is Present

In 2010, performance artist Marina Abramovic was honored with a retrospective at MoMA. During the exhibition, Abramovic created a new piece specifically for the three months it was up: sit … Continue reading

July 5, 2012 · 2 Comments


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? So should go ugly, I presume. While most people are used to getting gratification from an aesthetically beautiful piece of work, … Continue reading

June 25, 2012 · 2 Comments

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