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VE: kogonada

Grand Budapest Hotel

kogonada is a visual essayist who has created some great studies on filmmakers and filmmaking. This one on Wes Anderson and his use of centering is a short, clever, and fun supercut, take a look:

Not enough of the discourse (formal or informal) surrounding movies and tv shows highlights filmmaking itself and the kind of imagination and work it takes to frame a shot or dress a scene, for example. I think kogonada’s visual essays are a marvelous way to introduce or emphasize these ideas to a broader audience. This is one of the things visual essays do best.

I also loved this quote he posted on his tumblr from Richard Linklater:

I think there are two kinds of filmmakers. Ones that had their little 8mm cameras and their trains and were setting fires and blowing them up and crashing them into each other, and then there were the ones who read a lot and were going to the theater and maybe reading philosophy.

P.S. Did you check out the website for The Grand Budapest Hotel?

h/t to Cup of Jo

6 comments on “VE: kogonada

  1. imr
    November 29, 2014

    I didn’t realize that video was tied to an established visual essayist- sweeeet! (Google lead me to his other vids )


    • Shirley
      December 4, 2014

      His other ones are great too, really love the filmmakers he focuses on.


  2. isabel
    November 29, 2014

    That was wonderful! I love the Linklater quote, too… hit the nail on the head there… It’s interesting how powerful the centered imagery is, too. In traditional painting/design classes, putting something smack dab in the middle like that was always discouraged, but then I suppose the moving image aspect alleviates some of that issue, since it is so quickly moving onto another scene with different placement.

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    • Shirley
      December 4, 2014

      Comparing it to painting is apt – the rule of three definitely applies in filmmaking as well. Centering is tricky to pull off, so even more kudos to Anderson for being able to do it so consistently.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicole A. McFarlane
    March 4, 2015

    Best quote ever. Linklater was robbed for best film. So many memorable shots in Boyhood and quiet too. Looking forward to delving into these visual essays. Great blog!


    • Shirley
      March 6, 2015

      Thanks for visiting, Nicole! Sounds like you really enjoyed Boyhood. I haven’t seen it yet but look forward to it. Budapest Hotel was the only one I saw on the Best Picture list and I loved it.

      Liked by 1 person

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