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VE: This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

Starting with this post, 3/21 will be more vigorous with featuring visual essays found around the web. Any post title beginning with “VE” (Visal Essays) is an indication that this post will contain fabulous a visual essay or essays by a fabulous person or a fabulous group of people. Enjoy!

Kirby Ferguson‘s This is Not a Conspiracy Theory is the perfect visual essay to launch the new VE series here on 3/21. His first release, the popular series Everything is a Remix was one of the original inspirations for visual essays.

According to the site, “This is Not a Conspiracy theory a new serialized documentary about the quest to understand the hidden forces that shape our lives.” Here’s a teaser:

Heavy stuff! Of particular interest is the subscription method for the roll-out of this new series. I will be watching closely to see how well it works for him. I think he does great work and wish him success, as he is certainly forging a road for independent filmmakers in the age of the internet. Do us both a favor and subscribe, it’s a great price!

As always, if find your work posted here and would prefer it not to be, please let me know by leaving a comment below (the comment will not appear without approval, and rest assured I will never post the comment after seeing it, but will simply honor your request). I only post things I am a fan of but am completely understanding of your property and wishes. Thank you.

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