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Vote, it’s 2012!

Been watching a lot of Roseanne reruns of late. I watched the show as a kid, when it first aired, and watching it now roughly 20 years later, it is amazing how well it holds up. Of course, when the show boasts such talented writers as Joss Whedon and Amy Sherman-Palladino, why am I surprised?

In one particular episode, Jackie and Roseanne are sitting at the local dive bar, drinking cheap beers, and lamenting about their jobs at a factory. Jackie says something like:

“When we were kids, do you remember what our dreams were going to be? I was going to own a chain of pet stores and you were going to move to New York and be the editor-in-chief of Mother Earth News. Now we’re sitting here in Lanford, agonizing over a job we hate that pays $8 an hour which we can’t live on anyway.”

The takeaway here is that they make $8 an hour at a factory job and this episode aired in 1989. I know people who make that TODAY, working in a factory, or in retail, or in service, or in jobs I have never even heard of. If Jackie and Roseanne couldn’t eke out a living 20 years ago on that salary, how can we possibly expect people to do that now?

I don’t think I need to say much more: Go out and vote. It’s 2012.

2 comments on “Vote, it’s 2012!

  1. Irena Rindos
    November 7, 2012

    So much yes to this post!

    I have been watching a lot of Roseanne lately too- I never thought to watch it before I read this article on how hers was one of the first feminist shows and how hard she had to work for it: – which makes me sad that not much has changed from back then either (how the female director of Brave was replaced, etc).


    • Shirley
      November 10, 2012

      It is truly sad that not much has changed. Thanks for bringing that up and posting that link. So much to think about….

      This line is also so much yes (from the article): “…I created, wrote, and starred in television’s first feminist and working-class-family sitcom (also its last).”


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