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Hyper Links & Hyperlinking

As I was writing an earlier blog post and creating a hyperlink, I thought to myself, “This is fun!” Yes, to hyperlinking! I am just as amused (disgusted? bored?) as you.

It is pretty cool what the internet provides us. I can talk about a subject and provide a link to it right away, ensuring that you, gentle readers, will not only know to what I am referring, but also have a more thorough understanding of it at your fingertips. It’s pretty neat.

Hyperlinking has a downside though. Has anyone else ever been completely overwhelmed? Every website you visit will have links all over it. I go from reading about the TomKat divorce to Scientology to aliens to the moon to… it just does not end. Suddenly I have a billion tabs open and I had forgotten why I logged onto the internet in the first place. (Oh yeah, check my credit card balance. Blergh.) I remember the good ol’days when I read books and magazines and there was a system. You read from the first page to the last page and it was easy to tell that you had absorbed all the information inside. On the internet, I get the feeling I will never reach the end and there are important things that I am missing. It’s an uneasy feeling. I’m workin’ on it.

Most of all though, the internet has shown me things I would never have seen otherwise. All of that exhaustive hyperlinking has provided me insight into so many people, places, things. Where else could I have seen this? Okay, maybe not the best example. Well then how about this?

Pretty cool, right?

[1] Map by Harold Fisk

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